To become a global provider of services that supports and promote knowledge acquisition, management and generation. We manifest our vision by providing multiple alternatives for people and organizations to enhance their learning potential.


To provide products and services by which to co-create a knowledge ecosystem that supports a holarchy growth and expansion of our customers. We design and implement simple and effective ways for individuals and organizations to create, acquire and use data and information to produce significant knowledge.
The fulfillment of the mission will take many directions all of them in accordance with customer's business strategies such as new product introduction, quality, safety cost effectiveness and satisfaction. Khronos Corporation will play multiple roles according to customers' requests. These roles may include consulting, coordination, project leaders and/or creators, instructors, editors and business and academic diplomacy.


  • To provide products and services oriented to nurture, enhance and surpass customer expectations regarding results related to the acquisition, creation and application of knowledge.

To reach this goal Khronos Corporation follows these policies:

  • To ensure we offer our clients unsurpassed quality customer focused services and products.
  • To maximize our self-sustainability in harmony and with respect to the sentient environment within our action sphere.
  • To provide a working environment that nurtures individual and collective creativity, freedom of working methods and continuous learning environment.
  • To promote adaptability and advancement based on performance and commitment to value added individuals and/or processes.


  • To effectively and efficiently provide services focused on the development of strategies for knowledge acquisition within scientific and technical disciplines.
  • To co create knowledge ecosystems according to global standards and best practices with leverage across academic disciplines and business models.
  • To design and implement customer driven strategies for knowledge generation and application.
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