Khronos Corporation has been incorporated since January 2000 in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. Formerly known as Chronos Consulting Services, the company has specialized in offering consulting services in technical education design and management. At that time, we were focused in providing our services for the electronics and information technology industries in the area. Our original portfolio of services can be categorized as data mining and reporting, strategic design for training delivery, training coordination services and information processing. These services provided our customers with flexibility for accelerating the implementation of initiatives for personnel development and business planning.

Today Khronos Corporation is a professional consulting business that provides services focused on building, customizing or restructuring the knowledge ecosystem required for companies, government agencies and organizations to strengthen, grow or diversify their operation.

We are located in Puerto Rico in the Former Ramey Air Force Base in close proximity to the main presence of the Puerto Rico's Aeronautics and Aerospace cluster. Our business activity is focused on business results, return of investment, performance, initiatives, value and exploration of new markets in the areas of knowledge creation and application in technical and scientific disciplines. and within the framework of a knowledge base socio-economic development model.

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